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Visual Enterprise Viewer for Android is Unleashed

July 2, 2013

Out-of-box touch-screen 3D work instructions.

When the SAP® 3D Visual Enterprise Viewer for iPad was released last year, it was also revealed that the Android version would be released in Q2 2013. On the 26th of June SAP® kept their promise (just) and in doing so released what is guaranteed to become an incredibly popular app. From what I’ve seen the VE Viewer Android app looks and feels much like the very slick iPad app.

SAP® has stated that for the off-the-shelf tablet VE Viewer applications they will support a screen size of at least 7 inches (17.78 cm) and at least Android 4.1 Jellybean. Android devices are becoming increasingly popular as demonstrated by these numbers and because of these numbers: You can buy a Google® Nexus 7 for US$199 compared to an Apple® iPad Mini 2 for US$329. That’s US$130 cheaper for a functionally comparable product.

There are ‘white label’ Android 7″ tablets that are even cheaper than the Nexus 7 again. The Google Nexus 7 has Gorilla Glass, a good graphics processor, and, a reasonably durable outer shell off-the-shelf which makes it a really good baseline model for comparison.

It is this combination which makes for a low cost, plug-and-play and touch-screen solution for; 3D manufacturing assembly instruction delivery, 3D maintenance instruction delivery, or, a 3D sales tool which is the really exciting prospect with this app release.

Integration or customization (or both) is available with VE Generator or the SDK / API which we deliver.

Just Press Next for the Best Instructions Possible

Having been through the sparse documentation provided by SAP®, what they have not stated is the definitive list of which devices the app will work with.

You can find the app here or search for “SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer” in the Google Play Store on your device. If it shows up it should be compatible with your device. Sadly, it is not compatible with my Samsung® Galaxy Note II.

Have you been successful in installing and using the VE Viewer for Android app on your tablet?

Let everyone know what works (and what doesn’t) by leaving a comment below.

And share this.



How To “SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer” iPad App – Tutorial

September 6, 2012


Welcome to this tutorial on how to use the *NEW* SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer mobile app on iPad. This tutorial walks you through searching & downloading the application to working with 3D models in the application.

Key features of SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer

  1. Easily zoom, pan, rotate, and, access meta-data using standard multi-touch gestures
  2. View animated step-by-step 3D visual work instructions created with SAP Visual Enterprise Author
  3. Interact with large, complex 3D CAD assemblies converted with SAP Visual Enterprise Generator
  4. Select parts or assemblies to view CAD and SAP business information
  5. Search, hide/show, and isolate parts and assemblies, and hide/show step-by-step instruction text.

This mobile application is awesome and has immense potential and benefits to be a part of every day visual communication workflow.


SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer mobile app – introduction

September 3, 2012


Today, I am really happy and excited to share the release of Visual Enterprise Viewer mobile application for iPad from SAP!

SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer iPad app enables end users to visualise and interact with simple to complex 3D data in iPad.
The SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer enables users to view, zoom, pan and rotate interactive 3D data, play step-by-step animations and visualize content created with SAP Visual Enterprise suite of products.
SAP VIsual Enterprise Viewer uses a new technology and 3D file format called Visual Design Stream that enables working with complex 3D models on iPad very easy.

This application can be downloaded from iTunes / Appsote for free!
SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer mobile app on iTunes/App Store

SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer mobile app on iTunes/App Store


Why the new SAP VE Viewer iPad app is Game Changing

September 2, 2012

Last month SAP® quietly finalised and released the SAP® VE Viewer iPad app. Now, this may seem like a natural extension of the sharing, caring, collaboration enabling Viewer app for Windows thereby justifying its quiet release. The reality is that this release is the second major feast that SAP® have delivered to the Visual Enterprise Solutions table.

With the iPad Viewer app SAP® have enabled every organization, large and small, to be able to create and deliver truly mobile visual work instructions and animations WITHOUT custom mobile app development and ongoing support concerns. Now that’s big. It gets bigger.

From the Coffee Table to the Workshop Floor

The benefits of visual work instructions for manufacturing assembly, quality control, and, after-sales support and service are well established. Visual work instructions:

  • increase instruction comprehension > reduced errors > + quality > save time & money
  • reduce personal interpretation > standardized processes > + productivity > save time & money

Historically, the obstacle to implementing visual work instructions has always been one of delivery in two ways. Firstly, creating and maintaining visual work instructions has been prohibitively expensive. This obstacle was overcome with SAP® VE Author. Secondly, delivering visual work instructions to employees has been hindered occasionally by usability – i.e. placing a screen on a fixed stand is only useful if the employee is standing relatively still.

SAP®/RH have been supporting truly mobile custom app development solutions for larger server customers such as Korean Air for quite some time to enable their staff to achieve and exceed their business objectives. Truly mobile visual work instruction delivery is important as tablets are easier for people to use, easier to protect from damage, and, cost less than your average laptop or large screen. The mobility enabled by the iPad Viewer app overcomes this barrier for numerous employees and organizations.

Even Bigger

The low end hardware specifications of any tablet mean the Visual Enterprise’s standard .rh format (which we all know and love) would struggle to display anything other than very small assemblies on the screen and still be usable. How have SAP®/RH enabled and supported truly mobile visual work instructions in the past you ask? Enter VDS.

VDS is SAP®’s ultra-lightweight format used extensively in the server-based generator product. We will post more details later this week about the game-changing VDS format. For this post, all you need to know is that the VDS format is the only format capable of displaying the complete 3D CAD assembly of a geothermal power station on a laptop screen and enable you to manipulate it.

So now we come to the main course in the feast SAP® have provided. The release of the Viewer iPad app would not be so remarkable if not for SAP®’s decision to enable SAP® VE Author to produce VDS files. This enables anyone with SAP® VE Author to produce these files and realise profits from visual work instructions – not just server customers. This is the game changing value in this app release.

SAP® VE Viewer iPad app Specifications

Currently the app is available in the iTunes store and is supported on iPad 2 & 3 with iOS 5.1, while the Android version is expected in Q2 2013. With the iPad Mini and 7.85 inch rumors circulating around a release date in October with hardware comparable to the iPad 2, and SAP® supporting nothing smaller than a 7 inch screen, it will be interesting to see its usability. While it is difficult to exactly calculate expected performance, SAP® suggest models of around 65,000,000 polygons are usable on the iPad 3 – which is rather impressive. We will look to organise a test run of it ASAP – time to buy an iPad!

Look out for other posts on SAP VE Author and the VDS format relating to this post. If you would like to know more enquire directly with us below or place a comment further down.

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NEW SAP Visual Enterprise Community Space

June 5, 2012

Great news, SAP has started a new community space specifically for the Visual Enterprise Applications.

SAP has already published some useful information on the site, including

You can log in to actively participate in the community network or you can simply access the information available.

Click here to visit the SAP Visual Enterprise Community Space.

The Long and Winding Road of 3D Visualization

March 28, 2012

I came across an interesting article this morning titled: “The Long and Winding Road of 3D Visualization” that I would like to share with you.

The article is written by Chad Jackson, an Industry Analyst at Lifecycle Insights and publisher of the engineering-matters blog. It looks at how 3D visualization solutions have developed since they first surfaced in the mid 90s.

Chad argues that over the years two categories of 3D visualization technologies have developed:

  • 3D visualization technology that has been incorporated into a number of enterprise systems as a ubiquitous infrastructure.
  • 3D visualization has evolved into a number of specialized applications.

The article then discusses some of these specialized applications and their value in more detail. For users of SAP Visual Enterprise software (formerly Right Hemisphere), many of these application will sounds very familiar: Design communication and collaboration, technical documentation, marketing and sales collateral, drawingless deliverable … All things that can easily be done with SAP Visual Enterprise applications, eliminating the need for many different specialized tools.

Read the full article here.

Right Hemisphere is now SAP Visual Enterprise

March 9, 2012

This morning SAP officially released the SAP Visual Enterprise suite of products and with that completes the initial integration of Right Hemisphere into SAP.

All SAP products have been re-branded and are now offer as the SAP Visual Enterprise Applications.

  • Deep Exploration CAD is now SAP Visual Enterprise Author
  • Deep View  is now  SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer
  • Deep Server is now SAP Visual Enterprise Generator

SAP Visual Enterprise ApplicationsSAP will integrate the Visual Enterprise Technology (formerly Right Hemisphere) into their existing product and applications. But they will also continue to offer standalone versions of the products to enable none SAP customers to also leverage the benefits of the Visual Enterprise.

Read the full SAP press release here.