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Easy Collaboration with Deep Exploration and Deep View

February 11, 2011

One of the (many) great things about Deep Exploration is the ultra light-weight file format. Deep Exploration can import almost any existing CAD file and translates it into the .rh file format (RH = Right Hemisphere). I’m sure everyone who works with CAD files understands that the large file size can be a challenge, particularly for collaboration.

Deep Exploration can compress CAD file by up to 90%. Have a look at the screen-shoot below that shows some examples.

Imagine the benefits of this. For example, you are working on a new design for your company. Your boss, a fellow team member or a business partner is overseas but you need their feedback and/or approval for the design before you can continue your work. Deep Exploration enables you to convert your CAD file into a, significantly smaller, rh file (smaller than most other CAD viewers available). You can then send that file by email to anyone you would like to collaborate with. Using Right Hemisphere’s FREE viewer Deep View, they can open the file from any computer, anywhere, and review the full design. They can take a closer look by using the pull-apart, cross sectioning and detailed view functionalities. They can make comments and give written instructions directly in the design and then save all of that and email it back to you. And you can include as many people as you want. Maybe you want to discuss your design with a colleague, a customer or supplier. By sending them the rh file they can view the full design (without being able to make any changes to CAD file so your work is safe). Everyone can see the comments others have made previously and then add theirs. This way you can keep a track of all the conversations / comments going on regarding this design.  Deep View shows exactly who made what comment and when.

That is how easy it is to collaborate more effectively with Right Hemisphere’s Deep Exploration and Deep View. By using interactive 3D models instead of static images or text you are able to communicate so much more information much faster.

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