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Marketing in 3D

February 14, 2011

I love Deep View.

If you haven’t already done so, I thoroughly recommend downloading Deep View from the Right Hemisphere website at It’s Free! – but it’s worth millions.

I know Deep View is one of the world’s most powerful free 3D viewers. I know you can save mark-ups, get dimensions and all of those kinds of things. But I’m much more excited about how well it integrates with Microsoft Office and common formats like HTML and PDF.  There really isn’t any excuse not to be using 3D these days for any conceivable business purpose.

Don’t believe me? Spend a few minutes at The Eiffel Tower (select download original) and then think it over. What marketing material did you just send to your target list? A brochure perhaps? HTML Mailer? Wouldn’t they like you more if they could just play with your product???

Deep View is very well integrated with the Microsoft Office suite of products. From Word/Excel or PowerPoint simply choose Add-ins/Deep View/Insert 3D Model as follows:

Add Ins - Deep View - Insert 3D Model

Bring your Sales Presentations to life using embedded 3D with Deep View

When you embed 3D models into your documents in this way, you are enabling your clients to fully interact with your product model. They can pull apart or hide away components, zoom right in to get a more detailed view, cross section from all 3 axes, and get any dimension they need to. They can also save comments against the model or specific parts in the form of mark-ups, and send them back to you. This is a incredibly powerful way to gather early client feedback on your designs, before the product has even been released on to the market when design changes are still possible.

We are always learning creative new ways to use 3D for marketing with Deep View (and Deep Exploration). Here are some we have come up with Deep View for Sales and Marketing.

It’s now up to you (our users) to take this new art that one step further. I look forward to checking the pulse of 3D marketing in a years time to see where this technology is taking us!

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