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What Charlie Chaplin knew that can help us today

February 21, 2011

I think we can all learn a lot from silent movies.

Charlie Chaplin masterfully demonstrated the frustrations, the intensity and the conditions of 1930’s Fordist factory lines in his 1936 classic, ‘Modern Times’. We can use the same techniques today to demonstrate how we should be running our sophisticated, lean factories or service centers in the 21st century.

The keyboard I am typing this on was made in China and has a well-known US brand’s logo in the top corner. It probably has Taiwanese or Malaysian chips mounted on a PCB, possibly designed in Singapore, but it was sold to my company by a local distributor, who I will call if I need support.  If you start to think of how many languages, cultures and business functions it passed through just to arrive at my desk, you may start to develop a headache in sympathy for the people who managed the process.

Smart companies today have learnt what Charlie Chaplin knew in the 30’s. Language sometimes only gets in the way of communication. The good news is, using your companies 3D models, it’s never been easier to create silent movies of your own (with voiceovers – if you must). Here is a good one:

Animated work instructions, like silent movies, are instantly understandable to anyone regardless of background, culture, bank-balance or language. When you choose visual communication over verbal communication, you really start talking. Chaplin knew this, and now the world’s leading product development companies know it too.

Do you have good examples of animated work instructions using Deep Exploration? Post a link!

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