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A great example of a company that is using visualization and renderings for marketing and design communication

March 1, 2011

While doing my usual reading of industry related news I came across this article on the Catalyst website the other day and thought I share it with you.

The article looks at the effect that recent visualization trends have on product development companies, specifically the company Smart Design. Smart Design is an award-winning firm, known for its reinventions of commonplace items, including kitchen gadgets from OXO. They are using visualizations, especially renderings, for internal communication as well as communication with customers.

In the design process these visuals help the designers to better see the possibilities by having access to visuals of the entire finished product. And in regards to communication with customers the rendering help them to communicate product details and different options more clearly to the customer which makes decisions easier for them. As John Jacobsen, senior design specialist in Smart Design’s New York studio, points out: “Various interpretations might be okay for poetry. For product design, probably not. The reality is that clients need more certainties and less abstractions in order to have the confidence to make decisions.”

Smart Design fully understand the power of visuals and the benefits of being able to communicate visually. Jacobson says: “Visual information just has this emotional power that overshadows anything abstract you can say about a product. The image is what people come away with and remember later.”

Click here to read the full article on the Catalyst website.

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