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How Joy Mining Machinery has implemented 3D visualization software

March 4, 2011

Today I have some interesting information from one of Right Hemisphere’s enterprise customers for you.

Joy Mining are the world’s leading provider of mining equipment and services with customers all over the world. In recent years they have started to implement 3D visualization software (with the help of Right Hemisphere) to assist in producing graphics for technical manuals, training and marketing.

In a Market Report about Collaboration & Interoperability published by Longview Advisors, Dan Armour, Manager of Technical Services at Joy Mining Machinery, talks about the successes they were able to achieve by implementing 3D visualization but also the challenges they faced.

The value of implementing 3D visualization is very clear for Joy Mining. As Dan explains “we are able to produce technical manuals more quickly and with better images than we did previously, and we can use the 3D images to produce animations that help our instructors train the machine operators”.

Furthermore, they also implemented 3D images in their marketing communications to create realistic looking images of their products.

As far as challenges are concerned intellectual  property (IP) protection seems to have been a big one for Joy Mining. This is understandable as they are a market leader in their industry and many competitors would be keen to know all the details about their product designs. Another challenge they were confronted with when implementing 3D visualization software is the fact that the culture and methodology of the Joy Mining are still largely based on 2D.

However, accoring to Dan Armour they “have successfully overcome many of these challenges […] and have learnt effective ways to use 3D images.”

You can download the full Longview report here. Check pages 10 and 11 for the report on Joy Mining to find out how they overcame the challenges and how they are leveraging the benefits!

PS: If you take a closer look at the right hand image on page 10 you will see that they are using Right Hemisphere’s FREE viewer Deep View 🙂

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