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Great Article: Vizualisation for Everybody – How to Choose the Right Solution

March 22, 2011

I found this great article on visualization. It’s already a year old but if anything it is even more relevant today.

The author, Peter Bilello, President of global PLM consulting company, CIMdata Inc., talks about the power of visualization and the value it brings to different people in the company as well as within the extended enterprise of suppliers, partners and customers.

Mr. Bilello identifies a problem that might also be familiar to many of you: Product data is of crucial importance for all manufacturing companies. However, in many companies this crucial product related information cannot be accessed and used by those people in the organization that do not have access to CAD systems. This often limits people in their ability to complete their tasks on time and with optimal efficiency.

Being able to view, communicate, utilize and collaborate on product related data is becoming more important for product development companies every day, especially for companies that are operating in globally dispersed locations. Peter Bilello argues that “this means providing access to it [product data] for people in disciplines inside and outside of product engineering, as well as their extended enterprise of suppliers, partners and customers”. He further argues that visualization technologies enable companies to do just that: “Visualization brings high-quality information to multiple disciplines and allows users to contribute insights from their own areas of expertise to improve the product being developed.”

Following these arguments, Mr. Bilello, outlines the opportunities he sees for visualization technology for a variety of groups including Manufacturing Engineering, Shop Floor, Maintenance and Repair, Suppliers and Contractors, Customers and Product Development Partners. You can find the full Article here to read more about his very interesting and valuable suggestions for the different groups.

Very exciting, from our point of view, is the last section of the article where Mr. Bilello makes some suggestions on how companies can make sure to select the right visualization solution. In summary, he identifies 4 things that should be considered:

  1. The right visualization application for most organizations is the one that gives them the broadest insight into their products by supporting all of the types of data the product team and other members of the organization are likely to need.
  2. A good visualization tool serves the needs of product engineering, manufacturing engineering, the shop floor, sales, marketing, training, maintenance, customer service, and any other group that benefits from the use, re-use, or re-purposing of design and product-related data throughout a product’s lifecycle.
  3. It enables employees involved in product development, product support and sales support to see product data without resorting to the authoring applications; to interact with it; to interrogate it; to engage other team members by providing feedback.
  4. To maximize the benefits it delivers to these organizations, any visualization and collaboration solution must integrate with a number of different host environments such as Product Data Management (PDM) and corporate portal systems.

Those of you that are already using Right Hemisphere’s Deep Exploration know that the software perfectly addresses points 1-3. And Right Hemisphere’s Enterprise Solutions Deep Server enables companies to integrate their visualization data with their existing PLM, PDM or ERP systems. So you can be confident that you have chosen the right visualization tool.

And if you are not a user yet, download the FREE 30-day trial version of Deep Exploration now. You will be amazed how easy it is to communicate and collaborate visually with the software. Make sure to check out our new HOW TO Series to help you get started.

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