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One man’s opinion on websites

May 10, 2011

Hi Everyone,

In our industry we often find ourselves scouring the websites of leading product development companies, looking for opportunities, looking for inspiration, and just generally trying to stay up with the play.  This gives us an armchair observer’s perspective into the state the art of web marketing, which may or may not qualify us to have an opinion on the subject.  The following are my personal observations, and do not reflect the views of any organisation to which I belong.

Observation 1:  Most product pages are underwhelming.

I wish I could give you some examples here, but my elementary knowledge of defamation and my better judgement is suggesting I shouldn’t. You know what I mean though.

  1. Think of a product, any product,
  2. Visit the website of any given company that makes that product, and
  3. Keep clicking until  you find a product page.

9 times out of 10, you will find a couple of photographs or renderings, a whole lot of words, and a downloadable PDF user manual with 2D line illustrations. I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds us too much (some people use our software to make those renderings and technical illustrations..), but there is a better way.

Observation 2: Some product pages are fantastic

Have a look at the Crysler 200 product page to see where the art is heading, especially the ‘configurator’ and 360° links on the bottom. I’m not sure, but they probably made their ‘configurator’ page by rendering with the same lighting and positioning settings, and just changing the colour of the paint. You can do this very easily in Deep Exploration.

The 360° link is a fantastic-yet-elementary application of marketing in 3D. Notice how when you are actively spinning a car around on the screen, you weren’t distracted by your love life, your deadline pressure or your crying baby? Marketers call this “noise”, and interactive 3D allows you to cut through this noise with your marketing message for a few precious seconds. In this case, the message was “you want to buy me”.

Also, take a look at the “Gallery” link at the top for some fantastic renderings.

I would be really keen to see some more good examples of companies who are using Deep Exploration for visuals on their websites, so Marketers, Technical Illustrators and Webmasters, please post a link!

  • Who is using animated 3D HTML for their service instructions?
  • Who has the best HDR renderings of their products?
I look forward to seeing your work!


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  1. Michael Sharpe permalink
    May 17, 2011 6:23 PM

    Ok, I’ll jump in. How about the VW configurator site at$GPS2PS2/2011/0/F14 C1C1/F56 JM

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