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Right Hemisphere is enabling Northrop Grumman with Visualization Tools

June 14, 2011

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

That is a widely accepted fact and I think most of you will agree. Many leading companies have also realized the value of visuals which is why visualization solutions and tools like Right Hemisphere’s Deep Server and Deep Exploration are becoming more and more important and valued. It is no coincident that Right Hemisphere’s customer list includes the who is who of leading manufacturing companies such as Boeing, Bell Helicopters, Joy Mining,  Bucyrus, Northrop Grumman and many more.

Right Hemisphere’s software and solutions enable these companies to communicate product information visually saving them thousands of dollars. One example of this is global defense giant Northrop Grumman Corporation (NGC)  that recently published an article in their Magazine Aerospace Now titled: “A picture is worth a thousand words (or Dollars)”. 

In this Article NGC outlines how Right Hemisphere software helps them to create visual work instructions for the shop floor “with the ability to stop the animation at any time, drill down to more detail, expand out to see the bigger picture or rotate at will”.

Mer Parhizkary, technical fellow and Visual Work Instructions project manager, said the Production Operations Team wanted to “implement simple-to-follow visual work instructions with graphical media that guide the technician to complete the job in the highest quality and most cost-efficient manner.”

Right Hemisphere’s Deep Server helps the team at NGC to convert native CAD files into ultra lightweight .rh files and  manage and share these files. And with the authoring and publishing tool Deep Exploration they can create high quality, interactive, visual work instructions that are easy to understand and follow.

Since implementing their visualization strategy with Right Hemisphere, NGC has noticed some significant  achievements including:

  • Improved work instruction quality
  • Reduction in work instruction creation cost
  • Reduction of training time
  • Reduction in recurring cost
  • Accurate configuration = fewer errors
  • Maintainability = easier updates

They also particularly value Right Hemisphere’s software because it enables them to bring 3D from engineering to the shop floor in a user-friendly and very efficient manner and thus removes paper from the shop floor.

And NGC is still in the early stages of their visualization strategy and are planning to expand the use of Right Hemispehre technology further. As the article explaines:

“The visual work instruction efficiency improvements are imperative to meeting high-volume build challenges. Expanded use of Right Hemisphere by several production operations and technical publication organizations across the sector is planned and will result in improved quality and broadened process efficiencies to new and existing programs.”

You can find the full article on page 10 of the PDF version of the November 2010 edition of Aerospace Now.

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