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Aberdeen Group: Leading Product Development Companies are using Visual Communication Software!

June 28, 2011

Visual Communication and 3D Visualization are becoming buzz words!

Reading industry news and publications these days you can’t overlook the fact that ‘visual’ is everywhere. Many of the world’s leading product development companies have been on the forefront of this development. Companies like Boeing, Bell Helicopters, Nike, Caterpillar and many more have been exploring the concepts of visual communication and visualization since the mid 90s. Now, many other companies, especially innovative and ambitious small and medium-sized businesses, are starting to catch up with this trend and realize the value of visualization tools like Right Hemisphere’s Deep Exploration.

So it comes as no surprise that research is supporting what these companies already know: The worlds’ leading product development companies are using CAD data and visual communication software to communicate product information both internally and externally.

That has been shown by a research project carried out by the world renowned Aberdeen Group who summarize the findings in a White Paper titled:  “Visualization and the Enterprise Value of 3D Product Models”. This research shows that companies that have adopted visual communication have achieved some significant successes, including:

  • 11% reduction in manufacturing process time
  • Consistent sales cycle times while average and low performing companies experiences a 8% increase
  • 14% increase in the lead conversion / win rate
  • 7% decrease in total service costs

In typical Aberdeen Group style the research divides participating companies into 3 groups: Best-in-Class, Industry Average and Laggard. Their research shows that Best-in-Class companies are more likely to embrace visualization concepts. Below are some examples:

  • Best-in-Class performers are 43% more likely to incorporate 3D models within documentation delivered to customers as well as in the creation of interactive training environments.
  • Best-in-Class performers are 12 times more likely than Industry Average to use interactive 3D formats for service training.
  • Best-in-Class performers are 101% more likely to deploy 3D animations in marketing collateral.
  • Best-in-Class companies are more likely to use visualization software to include non-engineering stakeholders in design reviews and to capture non-engineering feedback for future design.

However, the Aberdeen Group also does not fail to outline some of the challenges companies face when trying to share and communicate their product information visually. Product information is captured visually in CAD. However, according to the Aberdeen Group: 

“[The] lack of engineering knowledge and functional silos across these groups often prevent organizations from fully taking advantage of this information” .

The solutions to this challenge comes in the form of visualization tools like Right Hemisphere’s Deep Exploration. These tools enable companies to share the information captured in CAD data without the need for any CAD knowledge or expensive CAD licenses. As the Aberdeen Group points out:

“3D visualization and related solutions offer a means to correct these issues and instate greater visibility and improved communication options from product data”.

Click here to download the full Aberdeen Group report: “Visualization and the Enterprise Value of 3D Product Models”



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