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Paul W. Downing on the 2011 Longview 3D Collaboration and Interoperability Congress

July 5, 2011

Longview Advisors’ annual 3D Collaboration and Interoperability Congress (3DCIC) took place in Denver, USA in May.

The Congress covers a wide range of topics on the subjects of 3D interoperability and 3D collaboration & visualization. Sessions include theoretical, practical, and in depth sessions on the above topics including discussions on industry standards and benchmarks.

Unfortunately I was not able to attend myself but I found this interesting report from one of the attendees. Paul W. Downing, Vice President of PROSTEP INC, a Right Hemisphere Partner Company, attended the conference and also did a presentation to the audience. He summarized his experiences in an article that was published recently.

His article is quite an interesting read. Paul writes about how he was a bit surprised how interactive and lively many of the presentations were and how even many of the key notes turned into discussion with the audience. But then this is a congress about collaboration and interoperability. So you would expect the participants to be quite an active and lively bunch wouldn’t you?

According to Paul, there were two hot topics:

  • The merger of STEP standards AP203 and AP214 to a new combined standard AP242
  • Overviews and comparisons between several different visualization formats and strategies (STEP, JT, 3DPDF, PTC, and more)

Read his full article here.

What are your experiences with congresses and events like this? Can you recommend any good events in the field of collaboration and visualization? I would really like to hear about it and I’m sure so would many other readers of this blog.



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