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CAD Independence – what it means for you.

July 13, 2011

I love CAD. You love CAD, we all love CAD, it brings us all of these wonderful products that enhance every aspect of our lives.

So why are we so proud about our CAD independence? Right Hemisphere, I am sure, would have at least thought about cozying up to one CAD company or another over the past 14 years. Even more likely, I’m sure every CAD company has thought about bringing Right Hemisphere into their sphere of influence at one point or another. Let’s have a look at what the true value of Right Hemisphere’s CAD independence is, and what it means for you.

You can access any file you want..

Succeeding in business today is not about control but collaboration. I am sure there are some companies that can insist their entire supply chain standardizes on CATIA V5 or SolidEdge or Pro-Engineer, however most of us today seem to be faced with a highly variable, often frustrating range of CAD formats. Right Hemisphere’s technology allows you to access any CAD file you want* and bring it into a light weight, remarkably use-able file format onto which you can weave your magic.

It’s a business product for product businesses

Remember the NASA principle? This was where management types went out to NASA and asked the janitor what his job was, and he said that his job was to get space-ships to the moon. The point was, everyone at NASA’s job was to get the space-ship to the moon. This is the same with product development companies.
The engineering profession play a key role in the success or failure of any new product. Far be it from me to debate this point. Like at NASA, however, everybody in a product development company plays their part in their product’s success.
Right Hemisphere’ s technology is focused on enabling the wider business to use CAD models to solve their own problems through visual communication. This means, it is unashamedly designed for non-engineers to create non-engineering product visuals for their non-engineering business requirements, which leads to more effective, successful business outcome.
Right Hemisphere’s technology tackles business problems like:
  • How do I ensure my technical documents are ready for product launch?
  • How can I present this product to the market in the best possible light?
  • How can I improve manufacturing throughput and minimize errors?
  • How can I capture design feedback from our non-engineering teams/customers and suppliers?
Few CAD companies can claim this.

You can’t break the model..

Few engineers I know also are genuinely creative people in the Andy Warhol sense. Creative types are often expressive, flighty and prone to accidentally deleting or corrupting 2 years worth of design work at the push of the button. Why would you risk your models by allowing them to access these in your CAD tool? You wouldn’t. This is why so many engineers spend half of their day creating renderings for the marketing department. The same goes for Technical Illustrators, and people who ask to see screen captures of your new designs. With Deep Exploration, they can do all of these things without destroying your work.
These are my 3 reasons why we should be proud of Right Hemisphere’s CAD independence.
*Clearly you can’t open any file you want, this is always a moving target. However, at around 120 file formats, Right Hemisphere clearly leads the visualization pack in this area..
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