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Great Series of Blog Posts: Visual Communication for Public Relations

July 26, 2011

I have  a long list of blogs that I like to read (more of less) regularly. I like reading about people’s opinions and experiences – there are so many interesting things to discover in the blogging world. Working in marketing you would, of course, find a number of blogs on my reading list that focus on the different areas of the marketing profession. For example,  Craig Pearce’s Public Relations blog. Browsing through some of the older posts on Craig’s blog I came across this great 3-part series from last year that should also be very interesting for many readers of this blog.

The three-part series of guest posts by professional illustrator and strategic communicator, Guy Downes, discusses visual communication for public relations professionals: the value, the challenges and the missed opportunities.

The first post, “Are pictures the forgotten tool in public relations?”, gives a general introduction to the concept of visual communication and visual thinking and outlines the potential value for public relations. As the title already indicates, the author suggests that the value of visuals might not be fully utilized by PR professionals. And most of the readers seem to agree with his opinion as the comments show. What is your experience? Are you using visuals in Public Relation? Do you think you should use more?

In part two of this series titled “Where visual communication can help public relations in storytelling“, Guy Downes then gets a little more specific and makes suggestions how PR people can use visual communication, for example in Graphic Recordings, Infographics, Presentations, or Cartoons and Illustrations. Make sure you also check out the great examples in the videos!

The third and final part of this series takes a look at “The barriers to visual communication adoption” and makes some suggestions how to overcome those barriers.

Guy’s final conclusion of his 3 part series: A picture does paint a thousand words! And he shows the perfect example of a simple drawing of a tree compared to a description.

Public Relations Professional or now, if you are interested in visual communication you should definitely check out this series of blog posts.

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  1. July 26, 2011 5:15 PM


    Fantastic recommendation and great blog post. I gained insight from reading it!

    Cheers, Jim


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