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Check out the new Deep Exploration Tutorials page!

September 8, 2011

Over the last months we have been getting some great feedback from you about the video tutorials – Thanks a lot for that.

There are now 26 tutorials available to you, covering all the key functionalities of Deep Exploration as well as additional general topics. In order to  make it easier for new and existing visitors to the blog to use these tutorials and easily find the ones most relevant to them we have organized the tutorials into categories and created a new overview page.

click here to see the new overview page


Furthermore, now that the basics of all the functionalities of Deep Exploration have been covered in the existing tutorials, we will reduce the frequency of new tutorials. That doesn’t mean that we won’t be doing any new ones at all, just not one every week.

If you have any suggestions for specific tutorial topics, please share them with us and we will try our best to incorporate your suggestions in an upcoming tutorial.

We, generally, really welcome your feedback about the tutorials and the blog in general so please share them with us by commenting on posts or by emailing us at

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