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Wilson Transformer selects Right Hemisphere’s Deep Exploration Software

September 13, 2011

Wilson Transformer Company (WTC), a leading Australian manufacturer of power and distribution transformers, has selected Right Hemisphere’s Deep Exploration software to communicate product information visually, significantly improving understanding, retention and speed of communication.

WTC started using Right Hemisphere’s Deep Exploration software in their engineering department earlier this year. The team uses the software’s technical illustration functionality to create visuals for technical documentations such as user manuals and service documents. Furthermore, they use Deep Exploration’s animation functionality to create assembly and disassembly instructions for service and maintenance procedures.
They are also using Deep Exploration to create visuals to communicate product information more effectively to potential customers.

WTC provides total solutions designed for today’s business environment, which increasingly requires supply chain management, predictive management and condition-based maintenance. Therefore, effective communication with colleagues, customers and suppliers is especially important for the company. WTC has two manufacturing locations in Australia, Joint Ventures in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia and customers and suppliers located around the globe. As a result they need to communicate across language, cultural and geographical barriers.

“Using visuals in the pre-sales process makes it a lot easier and faster to communicate complex product information and the possible configurations of our products to our customers”,

“Deep Exploration is an extremely valuable tool for us because the software makes it so easy to access native CAD data, create the visuals required and share them with the relevant people”. Guy Barnsley, Mechanical Engineering Manager at WTC

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