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Using visualisation to combat complexity in decision making

October 21, 2011

I recently found an interesting series of articles titled “The 7 habits of highly effective decision makers” published by Genesis Management Consulting Limited, a strategy consulting firm dedicated to Improving lives through better decisions!

Particularly interesting for us is the recently release Habit 3: Using visualisation to combat complexity.

They have prepared a very interesting slideshow about this topic that you can view here.

According to the GenesisMC team, high levels of complexity are one of the main challenges for decision makers. Clear communication is absolutely crucial for effective decision making in a group and for informing others of decisions that have been made. Complexity often impacts on our ability to communicate effectively. As a result, the better we communicate, the easier it is to make effective decisions and communicate the outcome

We have published a number of blog posts in the past about the value of visuals in communication, here are some examples:

Check our category “What the experts have to say” for more examples.

Given the importance of communication for effective decision making, it comes as no surprise that visuals are also extremely valuable for effective decision making.

Manufacturing companies need to make many decisions regarding their products. From technical details, to design and look and presentation in marketing material and technical documents. Most of these decisions are made in groups, often involving several people from different departments and with different experiences and backgrounds. As a result clear communication of product information, ideas, opinions and feedback is crucial for decision making.  And product information are often complex and communicating them is challenging, especially with people who have different experiences and background, not to mention with people who speak different languages.

So what can you do to improve decision making in your product development company? Use visual communication! A software like Right Hemisphere’s Deep Exploration enables you to import the native CAD data of your products and to create visuals such as animations, renderings, technical illustrations, and mark-ups like detailed views, cross sections and notes. And with the free viewing and collaboration tool Deep View you can share these visuals with everyone involved in the decision making process at no extra cost.

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