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What’s new in Deep Exploration: Import File Formats

October 27, 2011


Last week we published a post about the new features and functionalities in Deep Exploration and Deep View. Today we are adding to that with a post about the enhancements and modifications for importing CAD file formats in the new version of Deep Exploration.



  • Updated to support R20 sp5
  • Import options added:
    • Import representations: (Assembly only)
    • Import 2D sketch geometry


  • Improved Piping and Tubing translation
  • Import options added:
    • Workspaces : All / Master only
    • Double sided surfaces
  • Removed ‘Assembly’ loading mode from CATIA4 files (.model, .dlv, .exp ), only enabled for Catia4 session files
  • Added ‘Import Axis system’ option to Catia4 format

NX (UniGraphics)

  • Improved link between FDT and its associated geometry
  • Support arrangements


  • Improved configuration support
  • 2011 support both Recommended and alternate readers.


  • SolidEdge ST3 (Synchronous Technology version 3)


  •  Support up to Wildfire 5


  • Import option ‘Import Inventor Solid’ (previously called ‘Alternate’ reader) supports part color
  • Inventor 2011 support – both methods


  • Added Assembly/Asset import option


  •   Support of Microstation V8I

* For Solidworks and Inventor, import options have been renamed. The ‘Recommended’ approach is now labelled ‘Quickview ([Inventor or SolidWorks] Tessellation)’, and the ‘Alternate’ approach is now labelled ‘Load [Inventor or SolidWorks] Solids’.

Also check the full release notes for more information about the different import options and the enhancements in Deep Exploration 6.5.

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